Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taking a break

I will not be putting up any comics till the end of the school year. After June 5th Ill resume regular scheduled updates. I might do some comics here and there during this time. But I'm swamped with shit to do and I cant guarantee any comics. Any I miss will be made up during the summer. So expect a mad rush of comics after June.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It has come to my attention...

That some of our more dedicated fans have been posting fliers up in their schools. While we appreciate the recommendations we here at SSJG! Would appreciate if you would please get approval from any organization before fliers are displayed at their premises. But what I would also like to remind you of ,is that it is NOT illegal to pass them out to friends or family even on public ground.

Now for the story behind this little news post. Someone up at the Broward county school system felt like associating me with the actions of my fans, despite me consoling them and telling them that I had no involvement in the hanging of fliers and even to the point that I was not attending any of the classes in question... my story fell on deaf ears. This is the opinion of one comic author and is just as valid as anyone else's when he says that said school would do better in perhaps educating those responsible for the posting of the fliers rather then someone who had no involvement in it. Seems like a better use for your tax dollars, no?

But to the further audacity of this author, his own mental stability was called into question. I will address this issue, not only am I insulted by the sheer implication of such things, but I'm flabbergasted that you at the Broward county school system would be so open and bold about these accusations. Yes of course your "concerned for my own well-being." And etcetera. But in all reality your fishing for things you can use against me, asking me if I have access to weapons and accusing me of having a military background because of what clothing I wear. Not accounting for the fact that none of this information about my personal life or what clothes I wear has no business being dragged into my school career, it was an audacious move of you to question me in the first place without talking to my legal guardian, or do I have to remind you that I am still a minor?

And I would just like to put it out there to all the fans of SSJG! That I shoulder none of the blame on you, continue to enjoy my comic if you do and don't read it if you don't, its that simple. You don't click on every pop-up ad that comes up on your screen do you? So why are you listening to fliers all of the sudden. I would like to repeat for those of us among us that are a tad too slow.

IF YOU ARE OFFENDED, DRAG YOUR FUCKING MOUSE TO THE TOP CORNER AND CLICK THAT MAGIC LITTLE "X" THAT MAKES IT ALL GO AWAY. Its not MY fault you don't like my work, and I have every right to publish this comic and continue to do so with impunity. I can say what I want, and I can publish what I want. Its none of your concern. Come on here as often as you like, do whatever the fuck you want here.

I will not stop publishing comics
I will not censor anything
I will not change the great taste you all know and love
If your going to watch my comic, I have nothing to hide, I put my name on it for a reason.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ive got new inking pens

THATS RIGHT FOLKS I have gotten new pens, everyone thank Geiger for driving me there to get them. So comics shall resume since I'm not like working behind and Ive been devoting my energy to working ahead. Hopefully there should be a comic up Tuesday, and with my sleep schedule back on track I'll actually have time to work on the comics now instead of falling asleep xD

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ive got no inking pens

Yes , regretfully, I have no pens to do comics with at the moment, I might get some tomorrow if other Danny made a Micheal's run but no promises. But not even that, I've had some other distractions as of late, during spring break we found some kittens XD and I don't know how many of you have ever found baby kittens...but its not exactly doing anything good for my spare time.

And probably worse then anything else has been my sleep schedule lately... Its been downright fucking horrible and I hope that Im finally getting back on track, because I really haven't had any time at all this week to do much of anything since I've just been sleeping all the time.