Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We apologize.

To the lord on your behalf Sabrina. We here at Super Savior Jesus feel sorry for you, we regret that someone with such noble intentions could be so blinded and ensnared by Satan that they cant see the radiant loving words of God expressed through this comic strip. We urge you sister of the faith to look deep within yourself and to god. And ask yourself. What can I do to repent for doing the work of Satan? We here at Super Savior Jesus Go! Hope that you will see the light of god before its too late, and we know your just hurting youself and we hope one day you realize just how empty your life is without the loving light of god. I know it may seem like you think your right. But this is the devils doing and you must repent.

All of us here at Super Savior Jesus Go! are praying for you.
God bless you sister

~ Deanethiro.

P.S. Plus. Your going to piss off god if you keep talking smack about his son. He told me himself. Seriously.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Merchandising God

Quite Basically, Super Savior Jesus Apparel is on its way!

In the planning-to-be-made phase (Items subject to change upon special request):
- Unisex Black T-Shirt
- Unisex White T-Shirt
- Unisex Black Hoodie
- Unisex White Hoodie

The prices are still undergoing minor tweaking. When final prices are set, they will be released. For now, keep in mind that Jesus is going to be available to come home with you in a matter of time!

In the planning-to-be-planned phase (Items subject to change):
- Unisex Black Boxers
- Unisex White Boxers
- Coffee Mug
- Clock
- Piggy Bank
- Mouse Pad
- Calendar
- Bumper Stickers
- Plushies/Action Figures
- Bags
- Magnets
- Pins
- Ornaments

Good things come to those who wait. As for now, keep in mind what you might want, and if there is anything not on that list, bug me! ^_^

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cant update for thursday

I fully intended to , but I have no pens capable of inking this comic. I'm going to pick some up over the weekend. But look at it this way , its not saying no comic for Thursday. Its guaranteeing a comic for Monday XD